Olympus Synchro Blade

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Most synchronized skaters around the world use freestyle blades because the products that are marketed for the sport don't actually work very well for this discipline. Further, in some countries synchro skaters also freeskate. Some available blades marketed to synchro skaters are simply dance blade designs with different toe picks. At SkateScience we believe that the discipline of synchronized skating deserves it's own, sport specific blade designed using intimate skating knowledge, high tech analytical equipment and in consultation with world leading synchronized skating coaches. This is an ideal blade both for the unique requirements of synchronized skating and for freeskating through the first triple jumps. The blade is slightly longer than a dance blade and slightly shorter than a freestyle blade. The multiple radius design is intended to enable a very powerful stroke, consistent glide, defined IJS mandated turns, stability and secure toe steps.

Olympus Synchro blade performance advantages:

• Freestyle, dance hybrid design with approximately a 75%-80% lean toward freestyle.

• Designed for high level synchro and freestyle elements through first triple jumps.

• In common with other figure skating disciplines, the fastest teams with the best skating skills are always at the top of synchro competition ranks. The relationships between the Olympus Synchro radii significantly enhance stroke resistance both forward and backward resulting in stronger power strokes and therefore greater speed.

• Larger primary radius design has a bigger gliding "sweet spot" enabling better flow retention and therefore less in-performance fatigue.

• The incidence of synchro skaters falling through poor blade stability is too high. This can cause multiple skaters to go down. The Olympus synchro blade is specifically designed to be a more stable performance platform.

• Toe steps in synchronized skating performances gain higher IJS levels. The Olympus Synchro toe picks are intelligently designed for secure toe steps.

• Spins are becoming important elements in synchro programs. The Olympus Synchro blade is designed with a secondary radius that causes greater edge flow in spins conducive to consistent spin rotation retention.

• Lifting members of synchro teams need more stability and flow from their blade platforms. The Olympus Synchro primary radius is specifically designed to afford these.

• Clearly, synchronized skating has unique requirements in regard to consistency of flow, (glide) from every team member in every line and during every block. By definition, every team member should have the same degree of knee bend and stroking action. Where several blade design characteristics are employed, team members are sure to have inconsistency of stroking power and therefore speed and flow. It would be advantageous for entire teams to be in blades with the same stroking power and gliding performance characteristics in order to enhance unison. Olympus Synchro blades are specifically designed for consistency of stroking power and flow.

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