Who Believes in SkateScience?

Coaches & Athletes



Olympic Champion, U.S. National Champion (4), World Coach

"I think skating has gone too long without performance improvement through better equipment. I support 100% what Warren is doing with SkateScience."

"I don't think I could do many of the things that I need to without SkateScience blades. I experienced a huge improvement immediately."


World Junior Champion, U.S. National Junior Champion


World Silver Medalist, Grand Prix Final Champion (2), Four Continents Champion (2), Canadian National Champion (2)

"I noticed increased speed immediately when I changed to SkateScience blades. Others noticed it too."

"Anyone who is not using these blades is an idiot."


Olympic Coach


Olympic Silver Medalist, World Champion (2), European Champion, Grand Prix Final Champion, World and Olympic Coach

"I skate on SkateScience blades and I recommend SkateScience blades for all my skaters."

"Just skated my first session on new SkateScience blades. So far? Love. In 60 minutes I was able to progress from stroking and simple turns all the way through simple jumps (including axel), and forward and back versions of camel, sit, upright spins plus layback and flying camel. I am particularly floored by how EASY spins feel." - STACY NAKAMURA BRINKMAN, Adult Nationals Competitor

"Just skated for the first time with SkateScience blades. Big difference. They are so secure, and great flow. My edges are ripping like crazy. Jumps feel like a platform with a natural transition off the toe-pick. Salchow, flip, even loop catapults up. Spinning centered circles with little effort and coming out (of jumps) strong, solid landing position like the entire blade is flat and holding me up." - KEITH CLARK, Adult Nationals Competitor